"I met the owner of this sauce and that's actually a cartoon version of 

him on the bottle. Gotta love it. Plus it looks clean and definitely looks good on my table when i have guests over. LOOKS: Good consistency, has a little thickness but is runny at the same time. Just looking at it you can see all the ingredients in the bottle that make it so unique. SMELL: Smells great, smelling it makes me hungry. TASTE: This sauce is all about the flavor. It has hints of traditional hot wing sauces but jumps well ahead of the pack with much more complicated than just tasting like pepper. Can't put my finger on it (it has a pretty decent sized ingredient list on the bottle) but the taste is unique and is the reason I prefer this sauce over others. HEAT: Its warm but not too hot. I feel like the company that makes it went more for the over all flavor than going for something that will burn. Not good for someone that doesn't like heat but if you can handle moderate heat this sauce will go over well. OVERALL: I cant eat chicken or pizza without this sauce anymore. After my friends and family tried it i had to go buy backup bottles so that i didn't run out due to them stealing it from me. I would honestly recommend this sauce to anyone that wants a little more from their sauce than just heat. Truly a gourmet wing sauce worth trying!"

- Reviewed by JoeG- Hot Sauce Flavors Review

"The labeling is a cartoon of the owner/creator, I love the creativity and give him an A+! LOOKS: This is literally my favorite sauce on the planet! The consistency isn't too runny or thick it's just perfect! SMELL: Smell is garlicky and spicy, mouth waters just thinking about it! TASTE: Being the best sauce ever you can only imagine that garlicky bite with a spicy finish leaving the perfect after flavor. Not too over powering with the cayenne so you can enjoy the food, keeps ya coming back for more! HEAT: There's a nice instant hit of heat that perks your mouth up but it isn't so much that it over powers the food. It leaves a lovely after flavor and you craving more. 

OVERALL: I am extremely particular and very hard to please when it comes to sauces. I am not exaggerating one bit when I say this sauce is the most versatile out there, from grilling chicken or prawns to veggie dip...that's right, raw veggies dipped in this amazing sauce makes eating healthy so much easier! This is the one stop sauce for it ALL! Love my Booey sauce!"

- Reviewed by paulos357- Hot Sauce Flavors Review

"LABEL: Catchy and fun label. I like it. LOOKS: I like that it is thicker than some 

other sauces, help to keep it where you pour it. SMELL: Makes my stomach growl when I smell it. Something good it coming. TASTE: The blend of flavors is such that you taste the 'combination' as opposed to one ingredient overpowering the rest. HEAT: This sauce has a bite, but it won't burn your tounge off! I want a sauce to have heat but many of them lose out by being too hot leaving me looking for water. Not this sauce, I get heat, but more important, I get flavor. OVERALL: I put this sauce on chicken and especially on scrambled or baked eggs. When I make egg bake I also look forward to the next morning when I eat the baked eggs cold..... The only heat being from the Booey's Sauce. By the way, this also works very well on 'morning after' pizza. You might also try brushing this sauce on chicken while cooking on the BBQ. Really works well for that. I made some meatballs as someone suggested and used the sauce for them....they were great. I liked it quite well, you will too."

Reviewed by zehman- Hot Sauce Flavors Review

"LABEL: When you meet the man behind the curtain. The label becomes even better! The clear bottle also allows you to see the sweet goodness that awaits! LOOKS: It is runny enough so you don't have to wait an eternity for the sauce to trickle out but thick enough to baste on your favorite wings...or whatever else you may desire. SMELL: Making me hungry thinking about it. TASTE: It is an absolute necessity if you are ..eating eggs, either egg sandwich, scrambled, hard boiled, eggs benedict (recommend). Chicken. I make a booeys chicken, blue cheese salad that is killer!! HEAT: I'm rating this a 3 only because it is not hot to my palet. As much as I love hot and spicy, this is a nice compliment to any food. You can eat tons of it without the worry of ulcers. OVERALL: It is honestly my most used sauce in my refrigerator, and I have a lot of them. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone."

-Reviewed by  dj_sho_nuff- Hot Sauce Flavors Review

"LABEL: The cartoon depiction of the sauce creator lets you know he's a fun guy 

who enjoys cooking and sharing his creations with friends. LOOKS: As you roll the bottle you can see pieces of garlic and other spices floating in the sauce. SMELL: The tangy mix of cayenne and other spices makes my mouth water! TASTE: Cayenne and garlic! This sauce would complement what it's put on, not overpower it. The texture is smooth - not watery or grainy. HEAT: Hot enough to satisfy those that want heat, but won't kill a 

weak person. OVERALL: This is a delicious sauce that works well in any dish where some added heat is needed. I've used it on BBQ steak and chicken, pizza, baked potatoes, a dipping sauce, even mixed with ranch for a salad dressing."

-Reviewed by Newbiescrub01- Hot Sauce Flavors Review

"LABEL: A quirky and colorful design helps this bottle stand out. Bold colors, and 

a playful character allow you to infer a lot about the product and the people who make it. LOOKS: A healthy hue and a middling consistency allows for a satisfying application to any dish. The texture is smooth (no chunks), which makes an even distribution over an entree simple. Would appreciate a more pulpy version myself. SMELL: This is made with great stuff, you can tell by the smell. Not overwhelming, but definitely makes itself known. TASTE: The sauce's blend of tangy tart just-the-right-amount-of- red-hot. Smooth goodness sprinkled with crispy red chili flakes. This lands perfectly between a sauce that flavors a dish WHILE still providing a pretty wicked kick. 

HEAT: This sauce is a wonderful level of heat for me, but culinary masochists may be a little underwhelmed. The tagline says its aim is the perfect blend between flavor and heat, and in that regard I think they do exceedingly well. OVERALL: This plucky sauce hits all the right notes. Branding is fun and welcoming, the aims of mitigating heat and full flavor is appreciated and the sauce itself lends itself to many dishes. I think I first experienced it in a Bloody Mary, which was awesome. Definitely a must try."

-Reviewed by GGflynn- Hot Sauce Flavors Review

"LABEL: It is bright and colorful. Would definitely catch your eye. LOOKS: Good 

color, coated the chicken complaints. SMELL: It smells just how it tastes. Delicious. TASTE: I has a very rich flavor, almost buttery with a just 

enough heat and vinegar that makes it very well balanced. HEAT: This sauce is mild enough that I could serve it at a party and not have to warn guest...BUT it has enough of a kick and flavor that my spicy friends would still enjoy it. Has a nice subtle after burn. OVERALL: This is a GREAT sauce for chicken wings. So many wing sauces I have used in the past are too sweet, too sour, too hot or just plain bad. Booey's is JUST right."

-Reviewed by ModelT- Hot Sauce Flavors Review

"LABEL: Good art, homey feel, like you want to meet this guy on the label 

LOOKS: Seems like the perfect texture, more substance than standard SMELL: You can almost feel it with your nose TASTE: Has that something extra in flavor, we have made it the standard in our kitchen for cooking 

HEAT: It has a mild to medium that adds to the inherent flavors, with a slight but tasty burn OVERALL: I have enjoyed this sauce for a while now and converted many friends and family into users."

-Reviewed by JeffreyStan87- Hot Sauce Flavor Review

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